The importance of annual AC maintenance cannot be overstated

Some people only use air conditioning in the summer because it is too hot to function without it. Some individuals need to wear them year-round, especially those who live in humid or tropical locations. You’ve probably wondered how often you should get an examination of yours. It has been suggested that once a year is sufficient. But is it strictly necessary?

In order to elaborate

Some folks may be surprised to hear this from an HVAC technician’s perspective. Oh, but it’s real! Having your system checked at least once every two years is recommended. In spite of regular usage, air conditioners are constructed to withstand the sweltering conditions of many summers’ worth of humidity. It’s not the kind of appliance that would suddenly fail and be worthless.

Is it enough, though? Are you OK with the fact that your air conditioner can barely keep you cool and isn’t very efficient? That’s not us.

We think a yearly inspection of your air conditioner is essential if you want it to function at peak efficiency all year long. Here are reasons of ac service in particular:

It’s a tool that will help you make progress this summer

The easiest way to get the air conditioner ready for the warm weather is to have it serviced in the spring, well before it is required. Because you probably didn’t use it during the colder months, your air conditioner’s efficiency may have diminished somewhat.

Now is the time to start maintaining your air conditioner and having it checked out so that it uses as little energy as possible over the warm months. It’s the equivalent of not driving your car for a whole year and then taking it in for a full service and oil change. A well-prepared machine will perform reliably and efficiently.

If you reside in a region with a particularly lengthy summer, you will need to get your air conditioner serviced before you can rely on it to get you through the scorching temperatures. You don’t want it to break down or become less effective in the midst of summer.

Keeping an AC unit well-maintained is usually more cost-effective than having to fix it

Let’s keep using the car as an illustration. You probably have a rough notion of how much money is involved if you’ve ever had to have your car repaired after it broke down. It’s similar to having an annual tune-up for your automobile. This kind of reasoning may also be used to a cooling system. If it’s one of these machines, buying a new one could be cheaper in the long run than fixing the old one.

However, that’s the worst case scenario. The most important piece of advice we can provide you as air conditioning professionals is to get your unit examined and maintained often enough to lessen the chances of a breakdown.


The professional experience and understanding in the area of air conditioner repair leads the companies to believe that yearly maintenance may have prevented around half of the needed repairs. This suggests that the average yearly frequency of air conditioner repairs might be reduced by half with proper maintenance.

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